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    I don’t know why but I know that town 🙂

    My setup is currently being  controlled by a Beo4 as I’m still getting it all working smoothly. I did run the TV for a few weeks with the Beo5 to try and it worked well but the whole system has been in storage for 3 months while the living room was re-modelled and the Beo5 needs updating. I actually still use my Humax PVR as the main tuner and the TV is really just a direct replacement for the screen on the Beosystem.

    If you were happy taking the Beo5 apart, I’m sure you could swap out the TV with help from everyone on here. I can certainly assist with programming the remote. But the danger is, if you cannot get the original file (XML file), you have to start from scratch and will lose what is on there.

    It is a steep learning curve to use the configuration tool, but once you get the hang of it it is great fun experimenting and getting it “just right”.

    If you take the plunge, you’ll find everyone really helpful.

    PS. Is the other Beo5 useable to test things with? You could practice with that one!


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