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I must confess that I’m walking step by step but without any knowledge on the “big picture”.
So far, I dont know if issues are “me” related, or LinkPlayer “limitations”.
All this to say that I thank you for your proposal but I dont even know what to ask you to start. Maybe later…

The Options are set up differently in LP2 than in ML devices: you tell the software how you use it and it set the option for you. But you never know what actual option number it chooses for you. As long as it works, meaning beo4 remote control without IR eye, I’m fine with this.

Right now sources are mapped as follow:
RADIO -> iTunes Radio (not external)
A.MEM -> iTunes Music (not external)
CD -> Mac CD drive.
A.AUX -> Mac Audio In.

This is working well (so far), the drawback being browsing the library.

I’ve tried to play with N.SOURCES to allow iTunes External control that allows browsing the iPod way.
But it freeze the Beolab: unable to revert to a direct source, unable to stand-by, only way out is quit LP and wait for the Beolab to turn off itself.

Being able to control the PC source in Distribution (Masterlink) mode as you can in Local (Mac Mediacenter mode) would make it perfect. But Madskp tell us why this not seems to be possible so lets say where we are is enough…

For now….   😀