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    I also found this in one of the threads on the older forums.

    Yes Madskp, I forgot to thank you in the course of writing my post; but thats indeed thanks to the link you posted that I figured out this, so thank you and sorry about that.

    Yes as far as I can read LP2 is not using itunes as the player for distribution, but it might use it when choosing it as a local source.

    Make sense. But shouldn’t it be then handled by the Beolab and the Beoport only? In a normal installation Insnt the Beoport called by the PC command? Then I would expect at least the Beolab sticking with to the PC source (instead of not even seeing it) and opening the Audio In from the Beoport, through Masterlink. Or am I mistaken in thinking the Beoport can distribute the computer music to the whole Masterlink network?