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Ok, I maybe start to understand something. What it really is and how to handle it I let it for later.

Same config as before: No IR eye, 3500 ML to Beoport, Mac sound out to BP sound in.

Edit while typing: no I don’t.

At a certain point I was able to control the Mac with AR (quite normal), start the speaker with any audio command and hear whatever was played by LP2 (virtual N.RADIO, N.MUSIC but also CD and A.AUX – the audio input of the Mac) through the BL3500. Whatever the source selected ont the Beolab (CD/N.MUSIC/N.RADIO…) the same LP source will be heard. Like if the Beolab was just a true Beolab i.e, a powered speaker and the LP+Mac was a Beosound, in a nutshell the Beoport like just an analog to Masterlink audio interface.

Honestly it would have suited me well: various input to the Beolab3500, beo4 just needed to start the speaker and adjust sound parameters, all control given to AR.

While I was typing I tried to put the system to stand-by. Funny thing is that for once the Beolab AND LP2 went to stby.

But trying to recreate that situation didn’t work whatever the combination I tried.

There is a fuzzy or random parameter that I can’t understand and that makes a mess of all this.