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I managed to stream via Airport Express to my BeoSound 9000. Super! Thanks.

But I do not succeed to get that signal on the BeoLab 2000 connected with master link/Beolink to the BeoSound 9000.

Referring to what Guy wrote I cannot get A.AUX under LIST. My BeoLab 2000 shows SW 1.1 on the label on the rear, maybe that is why. And pressing A.TAPE on both BeoSound 9000 and BeoLab 2000 does not bring the signal to the BeoLab 2000. The BeoLab 2000 power light changes from red to green colour, but no sound is produced.

Can anybody help please? I would like to stream internet radio via Airport Express not only to the speakers of the BeoSound 9000 but in the same time to the masterlinked BeoLab 2000 also.

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