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I don’t have an Apple TV connected, just running the stock apps in the LG TV. The Atmos test videos I am playing via Plex and the stock Plex app in the LG.

Note that the LG TV can only send Atmos signals to the Theatre via eARC. ARC does not have enough bandwidth to support the data required. (there’s a table at showing this, for example).

UPDATE: That previous paragraph is incorrect.  Atmos can be distributed over ARC in the Dolby Digital plus (DD+) CODEC.

I have not tried any Plex software since I tested it on my Synology NAS many years ago. However, if you are using Plex, you should verify that it can send an Atmos bitstream.

Regarding kuyttendaele’s comment – he’s correct, but this can be stated more generally. The only way to get an Atmos signal into Theatre is via HDMI. No other input will support Atmos.

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