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    @Mr10pct Yea I’m not a fan of the 2.0 to surround upmix. Speech especially sounds tinny. I prefer to run 2.0 content in Direct mode. Either to the BL9 fronts, or just the Theatre alone.

    Just out of curiosity

    • what is your source for the 2.0 content?
    • which Sound Mode are you using when it sounds “tinny”?
    • How are you doing the 2-in-2-out configuration? with a Sound Mode set to Direct in the spatial processing or by having created a 2-output Listening Position?

    Thanks -g

    The two sound modes are 1) Music with all the Tone Controls set to zero or off, except Bass Mgmt enabled. Spatial Controls; Direct, and everything zero. 2) Movie with same Tone Controls as 1), and Spatial Controls is set to balance=0,fader=0, and surround/height/stage/envelop all set to 5.

    1) has the more pleasant dialogue/vocals, when fed simpl e 2.0 content like TV or music. It’s like vocals become almost too isolated, losing smth in the process, like how speech comes through a telephone very intelligible but compressed – not that extreme ofc but that’s how I’d describe it.

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