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    I entered a few final notes (in blue) about my attempts to trigger BL3500 using 5v into the MCL socket

    One more thought regarding this test. In this thread where Matador got the info about the trigger Pin assignments it was pin 1 and 7.

    This would make little sense for powerlink where Pin 1 is power up and pin 7 is data ground.

    But for the MCL connctor that it must be for the confirmed working unit with the low serial number and old software version it makes not as much sense as  pin 1 is signal left and pin 7 is data shield (ground).

    What if this Curios Dreamer misinterperted the pin numbers and had reversed them? Then it Would be pin 3 Ground left channel and pin 6 Datalink which would make more sense in my head. Note that Pin 3 ground is not directly connected to ground but through a resistor and a capacitor, so not quite the same as pin 7.

    Don’t know if you already tried that combination Guy or are willing to try it, but here is the idea