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has there been different versions of this product?

Type 1616 (and 1618 for USA) is the first version with 2 x PL output sockets – that is the service manual that is in the Service Manual database.

Type 1636 is the later model with one of the PL sockets replaced with a PC input socket. I think that this version was introduced as the Beoport was phased out, hence the naming of the input. The input pins are definitely 4, 2 and 7 – I have it playing at the moment.

The connections are mentioned in the Beolink handbook on page 116: (although it states to use the shield as ground – I used pin 7 as shown in some of Peter Pan’s diagrams)

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EDIT:  Here is the product page from the same handbook, although it doesn’t mention the Mk1 v Mk2 differences.

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