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I’m very happy that Bang & Olufsen was wise enough to choose a LCD instead of OLED display. That way it is ensured that the product will be usable and survive much longer. OLED displays (yes, todays modern OLED displays, too) tend to burn in, dim out etc. while LCDs can last for decades!

Every day usage:
The halo does a good job here and doesn’t act only as a B&O remote.
It works as a Bluetooth remote control and Bluetooth display for multiple devices, including some Sony High Resolution Audio Walkmans.
Streaming via Google Chromecast (which is not very reliable, no matter on which network) we use Bluetooth at home, too.
I don’t care too much about my phone but I don’t want to have my Sony HighRes Walkman laying around in the kitchen when doing the dishes etc. I like it to much! 🙂
Walkman is paired to an Essence in the Kitchen via Bluetooth. When I play music over Bluetooth from the Walkman the Beoremote Halo shows current track, title FROM THE WALKMAN and of course I can skip tracks or play/pause the Sony Walkman! How cool is that? I love it!

Beoremote Halo on every level in the house is the preferred solution to control music and music systems/speakers at home.
It cures the unplanned “Damn, where’s my phone?” athletic search tours around the house. 🙂

I miss a full screen clock on the Beoremote Halo when approaching it, and Bang & Olufsen should reintroduce the red standby light on every product again. 🙂

Currently we use only a small percentage of the HALOs functionality as a few NL/ML convertes are waiting to be installed and even with our current use case the HALO is a lovely addition at out home.. which will hopefully last longer as a mobile phone.