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    For years I used a Mac Mini (purposefully with no updates beyond 10.6.8) with LinkPlayer 1.1.  The Mac Mini was in the same room as a BL3500; other devices were elsewhere in the house, Master Linked.

    The pleasant surprise with LinkPlayer were the display screens on the BL3500 and the BS3000… where those under B&O PC software simply displayed “N.Music” or N.Radio”… under LinkPlayer, the radio station name or the song’s title were displayed.  If I recall correctly, the BL3500 simply showed the first few letters, whereas the BS3000 continually scrolled thru the entire name.

    Also, while the N.Radio was buffering up —this back then took a second or two longer than it does now—, the B&O screens displayed “LOADING”!

    I bring this up because now that I have a BS5, the BS3000 sits there, pathetically displaying a static “N.Music” or “N.Radio”, and makes one think that if an independent developer was able to exploit the network to its full potential, why didn’t B&O do it?

    Of course the downside is that for some reason my Mac forgot it had a paid license to LinkPlayer (the battery died during the 8 long years of storage, so on restart it thought we were in 2000, and then jumped to 2023)… and now the required servers don’t work, so I can’t activate my LinkPlayer copy even though I have the original receipt with a code —this limits functionality to one hour.

    Yes, I am not likely to ever use that setup again, but makes one pause and think that Phil moved on (I don’t blame him)… and yet the PC version of the software by B&O still works (most radio stations excepted).

    One cheer, therefore for corporate products, at least for as long as the company doesn’t go bankrupt!