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    I was one of the first people to get it in Canada at oct 30th.  I have plenty of B&O speakers but none of the music centres. I was REALY worried that with B&O’s really bad software track record (Halo, moment, etc) it would be a bleeding edge disaster at launch. I was coming from a Marantz and Harmony setup which worked rather smoothy and 99% reliably with minimum interaction.  Since I was selling all my old equipment when the theatre arrived I thought things might be bad enough that I would be left with a buggy mess of a setup.

    However I was very pleasantly surprised from the first setup.  Basically besides some hidden settings everything was smooth.  The only hardware bug I had was it wouldn’t see my 3rd party sub, lucky turns out I didn’t need a sub.

    Im really impressed with the auto detection on the Theatre. It senses the input and material (movie vs game) and automatically applies the correct sound presets.

    The audio up-conversion is also much better than I expected and better than my Marantz.

    Right now my only pain points are some software bugs and interface problems.  My theatre seems to crash every couple days needing a power cycle. The software is still messier than it should be.

    My ONLY real disappointment with it is the music performance.  Movies sound really full and amazing with great clean bass.  But when I listen to any music no matter the source it sounds really bla and flat. Only if I crank the bass equalizer to +8 does it sound good but that setting is much too high for movies. Im hoping this is a bug but im not optimistic.

    Overall I highly recommend the theatre even in its current state.