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    A little bit of philosophy…

    Fiddling with old stuff…

    If it works you’re so happy. I was amazed that it worked straight on.
    Installed, launched, ear music even if not through Beoport, not to mention this so cool and familiar dot matrix font…

    Then you start to have “needs”: I need to listen to the AUX.IN, I need to be able to choose that album I didn’t listen for years but I want to listen to now… Even more, I want to understand how it works. Because it works but not as I expect (capital I is an emphasis that English speaking people will miss).

    And now here you are: why doesn’t it work?
    Because I’m using hardware from the previous century?
    Because your network is not 2.4 or 5.0 or a/b/c/d/g/n compliant?
    Or maybe it is but you have too much “things” on it (how that?).
    Because even if that hardware still seems to works, it is so slow it looks like it don’t? Like parsing the megagigabyte library you built when terabytes became cheap.
    Because I lack the logic behind using Masterlink and all its subtleties?
    Because I’m just trying to grim a… Citroen into a Mercedes (just don’t have left studies in third class…).

    Well, in fact it “does not work” enough for me to drop it.
    It works enough for me to continue even if  in the end it will be useless.

    God, I’d like to have MLGWLNL problems and SPDIFIAA mysteries, But I can’t so here I am, wondering if it’s all stuck just because Mac mini’s USB is only 1.5 and not Terapotatoes kind…

    I now remember a quote from a valuable member here, in a topic about “whatever-online-hirez-music-provider” who said: “I just stand up my chair, flip the record, and have all the electronic bits I can hear”.

    Please take this as a joke and nothing more, because…

    … “This is Beoworld”