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    I may be confused, but once-upon-a-time, I was told that various models of Beogram turntables did NOT work with each BeoMaster.  Anyway, I have a Beomaster 8000 now.

    The 4002 turntable was purchased from Chelsea Audio in downtown Portland, Oregon, but that store doesn’t service my B&O turntable anymore.  And I can’t find a walk-in service center in Portland, Oregon.  (I live 2 hours east of Portland.)

    1. Where can I get service for my 4002 turntable?
    2. Can I send it directly, or must I deal with one of the sales-only B&O outlets?
    3. Will the service center for my 4002 be the same place for getting the cartridge repaired or replaced?

    Thanks, Dave []