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I dont undestand it either. The MCL pinouts on the Beotech page has a DC supply of 7.5-8.5 Volt on pin 2 where powerlink on/off pins can be either pin 1 or 4. Furthermore MCL normally caries speaker level signals, where powerlink caries line level signals.

I suppose that in MCL mode the BL3500 (LCS9000) worked a bit like an MCL2AV. That too used the speaker level input and turned it into a volume controlled PL output. The MCL2AV also had its own power supply, hence didn’t need the 7.5-8.5v supply. I suspect that (like the MCL2AV) the ‘MCL BL3500’ volume would also go up and down slightly as the ‘master volume’ in the audiomaster was varied.