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    Just a note. In my experiment I injected the power on pin 4 and 7, but as mentioned pin 2 and 7 is soldered together in my 1611, and conneted to the ground plane in the 1611. As you see some kind of reaction Im not sure if it will make any difference in your case. But if you have a multimeter handy you could try to measure if pin 2 is connected to the ground i one of the connectors just to verify.

    We now have a copy of the BL1611 Service Manual (I’ll PM you a copy) – here’s the PL socket:

    bl1611 pl

    I just opened my BL1611 up again to check internally with my multimeter – there is no continuity between pin 7 and anything else as far as I can tell.  Pin 2 has continuity with the ground plane.