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    Quick report on Test 8: PL trigger of BL1611

    Part A, BL2000:

    So I rigged up a 3v source (2x 1.5V cells).  I then tested this with BL2000 (in L.OPT 6), injecting the voltage between pins 4 (+) and 2 of the BL1611’s PL socket with the usual two audio sources connected to AAL.

    With the BL2000 powered down, applying 3v does nothing.  The BL2000 does not switch on.

    If playing an audio source, this is unaffected by voltage application.

    If playing a video source, with voltage application the BL2000 switches to an audio source.

    Having injected and then removed the voltage to the BL1611, it remains ‘audio source only’.   I cannot then get a video source on the BL2000 with either the remote or the front panel.  It stays like this until I  disconnect the mains power to the BL1611, wait a few seconds (EDIT: minimum 10 seconds), re-connect mains power and wait a few seconds more.  It then returns to normal dual input behaviour.

    Hence the PL trigger voltage seems to force BL1611 into audio mode which is only then cleared with a power cycle.

    Again, any suggestions for further testing are welcome whilst I repeat the above with BL3500.

    EDIT 2: I repeated the above with the BL2000 in L.OPT 0. No change to behaviour. I see no merit in trying L.OPTs 4 or 5.

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