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    Yes stupid me about ML over PL… Anyway, falling is sometimes discovering.

    SO, guys, THREE sources on a Beolab 3500, yes three!

    Source 1 from audio input of the 1611 converter.
    Source 2 from video input of the 1611 converter.
    Source 3 from the PL path “Menu 0 4 GO”. But there is a little background hiss, hopefully from too quick wiring, Steve should tell us.

    The three sources are working altogether. Of course touching any control on the remote turn off the speaker when on PL mode.

    I’ve tried wiring the Matserlink input along with the converter and guess what happened? A “mix” of the two sources of course (Master link from the hack and Masterlink from the converter)!

    As for the 5v triggering, I’ve talk with the (sympathetic) guy and tried and it works for him (MK1, which has MCL engraved under the DIN socket), but not for me (MK2).