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    Now I tried making a converter cable moving pin 3, 5 and 7 to 1, 4 and 6 and connectiong the Beocord 3500. Sound is going through. fine, but no controls via datalink. It might be that at Beomaster/Beosund has to be between to translate the signals.

    But as a bonus I couldent resist to try something with the powerlink conenctor on the 1611.

    I don’t have a beomaster with power link on hand, but since its only pin 4 (and 7 and 2 to ground) that is connected internally in the 1611 I made a cable where i could inject voltage on pin 4 and 7.

    With the Beocenter 6 and 1611 connected via ML the TV turns on and are on and audio channel when I apply 3V to these pins, and I can play music through the AAL din on the 1611. When i turn of my 3V source the sound will stop, but the TV will stay on.

    If the TV is on and on a Video channel to start with I got no reaction from applying the 3V.

    So the Powerlink connecter might be usefull for some scenarios, dependent on how it reacts connected to a beolab 3500/2000/active


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