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Id like to know how to connect passive speakers for the ceiling Atmos on a BL28 BS Theater 5.0.4  center setup.

A simple solution might be to connect a Beolink Passive, as shown here:

These have a powerlink input (old style 8 pin DIN, so you’d need an adaptor) and 2-pin DIN outputs for L/R passive speakers, and can be used as a simple amplifier. You don’t need to connect an IR eye when used in this configuration. The advantage of using a Beolink Passive is that they should be triggered on/off by the powerlink output from the Theater.

Beolink Passives can be picked up for approx £30 on second hand sites.

EDIT: The ML/MCL Converter is identical to the Beolink Passive in this application. It only has a different name because it was supplied without the IR sensor. See here:

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