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I know this post is from March, but I have to ask what the issue with that DVD1 is? I have one I got for next to nothing as it is broken but in beautiful cosmetic condition. When loading a disc it just states reading and never starts playing. Is there a common repair for this? I have heard that the DVD1 was kind of junk from the beginning but it would be great to get it going again if its simple. Disc spins and everything looks alright inside but it just wont play!

If your referring to my post in March then the only problem was a slight vibration when playing the disc. Replacement of the screw fixed it.

Perhaps the laser/lens needs cleaning on your DVD1. I have never tried this but it sometimes cures similar faults with CD players.

Alternatively, have a look through the two archived Forums to see if anyone had a similar fault. Be aware that there are two visually-similar models of DVD1: The Mk1 was type number 4620, and the Mk2 was 4621 – the type number is written on the product label on the rear. The latter model is supposed to be better, but I have never had a problem with either.