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    Beojeff wrote:

    I suspect that you’re partly true — and that might be enough. The article in the link indicates the we could control devices with Matter with the Beoremote One favorite buttons. This would make it pretty simple to trigger light scenes. E.g., Bright, Relax, and TV Viewing scenes with Hue. Just a handful of scenes can be very useful and maybe enough for most people. However, I wouldn’t expect to see the type of deep control that you can get with a BLI — such as being able to control the light level of each lamp. I could be wrong. Maybe adding Matter support to the Theatre would give us a new sublist under List on the remote for “Hue Lights” that would give us a list of all lamps and scenes.

    Exactly what I would hope for – and all I would need.
    Maybe that would be enough for quite a few other B&O users too?