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    Et Voilà,

    Thank you a thousand times Guy for your constant tries, everlasting curiosity and sharp ability to dig into any white paper.
    Thank you Madskp for joining us and giving some clues that made us going forward.

    This morning I tried this:

    Converter 1611 turned up on first (I am maybe superstitious on that one) connect to the Beolab 3500 via Masterlink.
    On the AAL socket on the converter, I have that adapter I use to convert DIN Line In/Line Out to 4 RCA from a Beomaster, 5 pins, I’ll check and post the exact wiring later.
    Each pair of RCA connected to an iPod with a classic RCA to Jack Adapter.


    Audio sources (CD, A.TAPE, RADIO… AND PC) trigger iPod A,
    Video sources (CDV, V.TAPE, TV…) trigger iPod B.

    So, we now have a standalone Beolab 3500 with to remote switchable channels!

    This is Beoworld!