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Hi and welcome to Beoworld,

Well, first we don’t know either why it didn’t occurs to you that B&O was the obvious answer.
But never mind, we all forgive you!

While waiting for a more educated answer from members who have a true listening experience with the setup you are aiming for. I personally dont have experience with it.

But… From the catalogs:

Beovision 3 was shown in a surround setup with 8000 fronts and 6000 rear.
6000 are often shown as rear speaker, often with Beolab 1 as front.
Beovision 7 that carry Beolab 7 is show with 8000 front and rear.
Beosystem AV9000 is shown with 8000 front and 6000 rear, with the triangle Beolab as center.

As far as I know, 8000 and 6000 are more or less same “generation” speaker so they should merge well.

What I would care of (naively):
– How much of the “merging” is usually done by the Beovision engine and would not happen with your setup.
– How your sub will fit in there?

What I would care of (with experience):
– how were the speakers serviced and refurbished? They’re both known for foam rot problem (do a search on this forum) that can alter the lifetime of the speaker. They need to be opened, cleaned, and the damping material to be replaced. 6000’s are prone to the other foam rot, the disintegration of the drivers suspension. It can be fixed but it need to be well done.
I think you need to check this even before starting to play with your new toys.

Hope this helps.