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I am following this thread with interest,and also did some testing with the 1611.

1) connected with ML to my Beocenter 6, and an iphone connected to the AAL socket. My first impression was the same as Guy, but then I tried to crank the volume up to max on both the iphone and the TV. Then I would hear the sound, but very low like when trying to connect a record player to an input without a RIAA.

2) again connected to the Beocenter 6 with ML, and a Beomaster 5500 (Tape2/TV socket) to the AAL socket of the 1611. This way sound was comming loud and clear to the TV.

so my guess is there has to be something connected to the datalink pins on the 1611 to negotiate what to do with whatever master device is on the ML port.

the Oneremote cables might have a little chip insight on of the connectors that can do this negotiation.

Guy you mentioned that it worked connecting it to your BS1 which officialy doesnt have datalink abilities as far as I know. However looking at the diagrams in the service manual both pin 6 and 7 is connected (called data in and data out) to a control chip. Also left and right out is connected which I also didnt expect. So maybe this product is hardware wise datalink capable but might be software limited? Could be interesting to know more about as my parents have on with a Beogram connected. But that might be for another Thread.