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I think the way the BSTH and BL28/50/90 work in my mind is as I’ve suggested in the last few threads:- namely, if there is a source played through the BSTH, it takes control of the output signal based on the Room-Sense and connected speakers and the baseline speaker profiles B&O painstaking inserted into the BSTH. The signal (I guess) bypasses all of the BL28 calibration, DSP and internal Mozart sources.

When you play a source internal to the BL28 or inject one that is not via the BSTH, that I assume goes via the BL28s DSP. Hence why there is a persecution of sound difference.

I guess the way to test is to recalibrate the BL28’s only with a duvet over each speaker. Then, if the sound is poor in standalone mode but ok as a part of the BSTH, then that should confirm mode of sound correction is different, source dependant?

I may be 180 about turn on this but that is my guess?