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    I have now found my 1611 and associated cables and have experimented a little to try and work out the audiomaster/videomaster trigger.

    I put my BV10-32 in V.OPT 2 and connected a 1611 with ML.

    I tried my iPhone as a source using a 3.5mm to 7-pin DIN cable into the 1611’s AAL socket (inputting to DIN pins 3 and 5 as usual).  Pressing any audio source will turn the TV on, but there is no sound.  When I press MENU the TV’s screen shows the audio source that I selected (eg RADIO).  I tried various Video sources (unused by BV10) but still no sound.  Hence the TV is detecting the 1611 but it is NOT working correctly as either video- or audio-master.

    I then connected my (old) BS1’s AUX in/out to the 1611 with a 7-pin DIN to DIN.  The TV turn on with any AUDIO source and I can hear the radio from the BS1 through the TV speakers.  I can’t control the BS1, but didn’t expect to be able to as I was just using it as an audio source.

    So in the second case above, something conveyed by the 7-pin DIN (possibly from the BS1) is triggering the 1611 to work as an audiomaster.

    Then I spotted a little note in Peter Pan’s diagram at this post:

    There’s a note by the DIN plug that states (in Danish) ‘to trigger the 1611, connect a wire from Pin 2 to Pin 1’.

    have you made this pin 2 to pin 1 connection in the source to your 1611?  Perhaps this is what OneRemote’s ASNUT cable does?