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    BSTH+BL28 bas management:


    I use BSTH with BL28 as front surround. I created one surround  listening position for TV watching (1) and one listening position with BL28 only for music listening (2). Room calibration ok. BL28 are wired with powerlink to BSTH and Ethernet and I created a direct listening position (3) not using BSTH, but direct from the app via Ethernet. BL28 calibration with BL28 room compensation.

    Listening to several music numbers I can clearly hear a difference when using (2) BL28 only via BSTH or (3) BL28 directly over Ethernet. BL28 directly is more crisp clear and warm, with good bass. Listing to BL28 only via BSTH misses bass. Does anyone have experienced the same? Any suggestions how I can adjust the sound settings (bass) for listening position (2) only without affecting surround position (1)?

    PS: I discovered that in BSTH one left firing was active in BL28 only mode (2). I deactivated it, but this does not influence the missing warmth, bass that I can hear when using BL28 directly (3).

    PS: Anything except above I am amazingly impressed by how far B&O has reached. I am enjoying re-discovering my music.