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    On MK2 that has only ML and a frustrating useless Powerlink socket, what would be the use of turning off Masterlink?

    I think that in some setups (with Wireless 1) you are suppose to connect via the 8-pin plug. The Mk2 service manual mentions this, without calling it MCL. I will see if it is mentioned in the PCG.

    EDIT:  There is also this text, Google translated from one of RaMaBo’s posts in that earlier thread I mentioned:

    The 8 pin DIN connector may also be an MCL connector if the BL3500 has been updated with a new software version! Then there is an MCL connection electrically, but technically a PowerLink connection for the software! The PL Connector will then not work properly! This can be recognized by the serial number of the BL3500: from SN.19343452 it is really a BeoLab 3500 MKII, before that an MKI with a physical MCL connection! Unfortunately, both sockets look identical.

    Hence different behaviours for different software versions of Mk2.

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