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    There could be a different solution for you. I’ve been considering the project of using a spare 3500 above a jacuzzi in my bedroom. For my project, I’ve considered using an NL/ML Converter with a ML Power Box — that’s the very tiny box that you must connect to the NL/ML Converter when there is no ML Audio or Video Master present. This would give you the AUX input of the NL/ML Converter as well as any sources such as Deezer, TuneIn, etc. that you get if you have any NL product such as just an inexpensive Beoplay M3. This would give you a great deal of flexibility of source buttons to which you could map the sources. Now that I have an extra NL/ML Converter and ML Power Box I have everything that I would need for the project.

    That is a sophisticated setup – but probably a bit over the top of what Matador has aimed at.
    Looking forward to hear about it, when you get it finished.