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Oh, colour management of the Philips… good question. I must admit I didn’t give it much thought. Little difference noted at the time so I didn’t make any adjusting. I think maybe some would find the light needed to be increased a little;-)

Sound connections. The sound from the Philips is connected to one of the scart inputs of the Avant. I use the optical sound output of the Philips and with an Argon D/A converter the digital sound is made analogue and via one of these scart converters with RCA connectors on the one side and scart connector on the other side connected to one (of two) scart inputs on the Avant.
External devices like a Blu-ray-player I connect directly to one of the hdmi inputs of the Philips. My Chromecast is also directly connected to a hdmi input on the Philips. And the last hdmi input on the Philips (it has 3) is reserved to the Avants “double image” signal for menu setup of the Avant.