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    My comments (bias) is based on ownership rather than critical listening comparison.

    I had the BL5 for approx 13years. They were solid and only fault was an upper tweeter replacement. The sound to my ears was rich and tonally “thick”. I never thought of the BL5 bass as boomy but it is certainly not as detailed and layered as the BL90 bass.

    When finally upgrading from the BL5 to 90’s, my original thoughts were that the sound was different – not better and not initially preferred. As I grew into the 90’s, the bass was recognised as superior, detailed etc… The imaging from the 90s is in another league. And so it should be.

    I had a decent listening session of the BL28s when finalising the deal on the Theatre. It is a nice sounding loudspeaker and leagues away in sound from the gen1 and gen2 column speakers..

    For me, I don’t care for the looks, I don’t care for the gimmicky curtains but most of all, the BL28s don’t have the same sound presentation and ease as the wide-body Beolabs (5, 50, 90).

    However, lIke  all BLs, you get used to the sound and adapt to it. I don’t think it is absolute sound quality you can pitch between the BL5 or 28. It’s personal preference.

    The BL5’s are getting on a bit now. My old BL5, somewhere, loved in a new home are getting on for 20yrs old now. That has to present owners with a serviceability issue going forward. I think B&O are servicing them for the foreseeable future as it has to be seen to “support” its first mega-expensive loudspeaker. However, that only holds if they can get the parts so you better make enquiries as to what is what.