Reply To: Beovision 11-46 Mk4 HDMI “issue”?

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It looks like the sort of picture you get when there is a mis-match between resolutions – I used to see similar trying to connect PS3 to various TVs. The PS3 had the ability to automatically cycle through various resolutions until the picture was clear. Is there a menu in the LG BluRay player where you can adjust the output resolution?


Agreed, and I have tried the (very) limited options for the HDMI output. I just downloaded the user manual and discovered the little nugget…:

Additional Information for HDMI
When you connect a HDMI or DVI compatible
device make sure of the following:
— Try switching off the HDMI/DVI device and
this player. Next, switch on the HDMI/DVI
device and leave it for around 30 seconds,
then switch on this player.
— The connected device’s video input is set
correctly for this unit.
— The connected device is compatible with
720x576p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i or
1920x1080p video input.
Not all HDCP-compatible HDMI or DVI devices will work with this player.
— The picture will not be displayed properly
with non-HDCP device.


Any chance this TV is not HDCP compatible?