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Hi Mike, thanks lot for your quick response, I will explain more in details

BS details: Type 2572 SN: 20514917 probably Mk3

a. I had connected BS9000 & BL8000, BS has loaded 6nos cd’s. turned on power both had in standby mode. Now I pressed beo4 “GO” button BS & BL wakeup BL turned on green LED and BS cd start reading track I can see track 1 appear, there is no sound in speakers, BS keyboard I pressed OK button (of CD) display indicating counting example 00.45 still no sound in speakers! After few seconds later I heard sound in speakers! After that everything normal continued playing cd’s without any issues

b. Turned on power BS in standby mode, I had connected headphone in BS and now I pressed GO button in beo4 BS wakeup cd starts spinning track no appeared 1 counting started no sound sometime even 3min no sounds, then suddenly heard sounds!

c. Turned on power BS in standby mode, I had connected coaxial cable to digital out to headphone amp digital in (coaxial cable) turned on headphone amp power, now I pressed GO button beo4 BS wakeup cd starts pinning tacks number 1 appear, I heard immediately sound after cd start spinning.

I believe digital signal came from directly from the CD transport without amplifiers, I was suspect probable causes is CD transport or amplifiers, as per testing c. result overruled CD transport no issues! As per BS9000 service manual troubleshooting guide page 86 defective PCB 32 In/out select, may be having dry soldering in PCB 32?

Please let me know your suggestion.