Reply To: New product launch – beosound theatre?

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That is a Sony UHD player (which I have choosen because it supports playback of SACD’s).

It might (or might not) have an option of turning off the screen/a audio only setting.
I would have to look in the manual for this.
Never unpacked the remote, because I don’t use it… is PUC’ed.
So even if there should be a button there, it does not help me.

The problem is, that – with the Theatre – you have no display of the PUC-mapping of the original buttons, like we used to have on previous BV’s.
So no help there either 😏

And – P.Mute ought to be a universal function, because it also is needed, if you listen to music only via the ATV or from the mediaplayer (or other music apps) of the tv.