Reply To: BeoLab 8000: 5-pin cable from RCA-PCB to LED-PCB sensitive

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    Thanks for your extensive response.

    I have now also read the thread about the BeoLab 6000 with power on off issue. And the comment by Steve Saunders and his modification suggestion:

    • Power-link mode: Mount a 1 nF capacitor across 03D1.
    • Line mode: Mount a diode 1N4148 between 03R126 and 03D19.

    But I think that further on in this thread, he mentions that this modification only goes for the BeoLab 6000 with serial number up to 10500000. Which is quite old.


    Concerning my own BeoLab 8000 with which I started this thread … It is currently dead, not responding at all to power. No red light, no relay clicking. So I am a few steps back, to get it back alive again first.


    Concerning your PDF of the circuit and marked suspect problem components, hard for me to judge. But I am very interested to hear what others like Steve think about this.


    Hope this thread continuous!