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    This is what I currently do (actually right now), if I want to listen to a CD (from the System 6500): I put in the Cd in the tray of the 6500, went to my M3 (using the app) and choose CD. Then I could expand to the Theatre. When I go back to the Theatre (in the app) it shows the converter. See pictures. 84AF3000-3EA7-49F8-8D50-73E6CB071D32F0BB9840-1B6C-435C-AB2B-5E76CEB611F6 So it is possible to make the connection. I can even skip tracks with the remote. In addition: turning off with the remote turns off the Theatre – long press turns of everyhing including the BM/CD6500……as should be. What I mean is, that they just have to make it possible to make the settings in the Theatre, that allows for the direct access from there and using the BROne. MM

    Correct, that is the way already for a long time (as described before). But the “Product Integration”/”Linked to other product” must be reintroduced to the Theatre (as f.e. the BV11/V1). That was the way to remote control linked sources!

    or they must find an alternative way ………

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