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    With a DTS encoded disc, surely can we not just get the disc player to output PCM to a Theatre? I might be missing something, but I thought it was just a matter of choosing which device in your chain does the decode/ unpack of the source signal. So whether the player does, and sends out PCM, or alternatively it sends bitstream (i.e no decoded) onwards should not really make any / much difference. Obviously with a Theatre not doing DTS-X, one would need to get the media / disc player to do the job and just send out PCM. Or am I missing something?

    Sadly that is not quite the case with (UHD)bluray players.
    Some of these do decode DTS, however they just put out a 2 channel signal (aka stereo).
    And even worse, you have to dig deep into the specs to find out, if they do multi channel output or just 2 channel.