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    Glad you are pleased with them – they are brilliant speakers, I’ve been very happy with mine – like I said though I think they need something powerful to drive them. I’ve used loads of different amplifiers – my favourite B&O one was the BM6000, the BM4400 I found not as full. BM2200 doesn’t have enough umps, BL Passive is very weak. Linn pre and power amp too neutral and just sounded like there was no life in it.  I thought I had settled on  a Quad 33/303 which was awesome but now I used a Valve amp with KT88’s – that’s the best I’ve heard them, it’s a very full sound and there’s enough power when you crank up the volume to drive them properly. The valve amp is only rated at 30 watts per channel but it’s more than enough – in fact more powerful than a Yamaha WXA-50 which is supposedly an ICE Power class-d – the Yamaha was actually the worst amplifier I used with them,

    Anyway, enjoy them as they really are superb and will really show what an amp can do.