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Hi, the IR PCB is to the right of the tape and CD mechanisms in the gap between them and the amplifier and in the middle of the two mechanism plastic covers. To remove the right speaker cover remove the 2 screws on the back, and then carefully lift the plastic edge of the speaker fret up slightly so it will clear the lip it is sitting in, then slide the fret out to the right. It is held in place by a number of plastic tabs that fit under some slots, so do don’t lift up, just slide it out to the right. If I recall correctly after a couple of inches of travel it becomes loose and you can then lift it off. Remove the glass door.

Remove the tape and CD plastic covers, 4 screws on each at the corners, just move them over to the left a little bit so you can see PCB 6, the IR PCB, in the gap.

The IR PCB is between the tape mechanism and the amplifier, you should see it very close to where the glass door stops when fully closed. Sometimes you can get lucky and it will lift straight up and out after you loosen the wire bundle.

It sounds like there are many steps and pieces to remove but it is actually a pretty simple procedure, likely with a much better write up that describes the disassembly on the forum somewhere.

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