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Hi Nick,

This is funny on a lot of levels!

I live in Yate also, but I’m currently in Hanham with my parents for reasons I’ll get to.

I see you’ve been watching eBay and Facebook Market place the same as me, that very LX2800 was on eBay in Somerset I believe, and I was looking to buy it myself before you bided and then I thought I’d leave it.

The LS5000 was from Facebook I believe in Bristol?

The 8902 I’m not sure I’ve spotted that one.

The LX2800 has a service manual luckily scanned on

The LS5000 and 8902 I haven’t found anything yet.

2022 has been a difficult year for me personally, my 97 year old grandmother sadly had dementia and I’ve been caring for her and looking after her finances etc – she sadly passed in October and we had the funeral on the 1st of December so it’s been a hard year and 2023 will be hard in different ways trying to sort everything out. I’m over my parents at the moment as we don’t have a bathroom in our house anymore! I started ripping it out before my gran fell seriously ill and just haven’t had the chance to get back to it! so I’m going to be a bit tied up till February at the earliest.

If you drop me a personal message I can share my email and phone number and we can have a good chat if you like, as for cost I have no idea at this stage, but lets have a chat and go from there.

Take care,