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Hi Nick.

Nice couple of CRTs there.

I’m down in Bristol and have a little YouTube channel

I’ve started dablling into CRT repair and have purchased a high voltage discharge probe, B+K Precision 470 REJUVENATOR etc with the intent of getting more seriously into it. I also have a Spyder 4 colorimeter which is used to dial in the colours and white balance perfectly. I’ve used the Spyder on a few CRTs with really amazing results, sets that were clearly too blue now have lovely 240p crisp colours on game consoles.

I have an MX7000 and an AV9000 I need to re-cap next year, the nearest guide to a recap has probably been the terminal video I did – and of course my Beolab Penta amplifier re-cap video has had some very positive feedback, now with over 7000 views:

I don’t claim to be an expert and I hope you find someone closer to you and perhaps with more experience than I, but perhaps if you have no luck and when I get round to doing my MX7000 it might be something you feel more comfortable/confident in talking with me about.

I’ve had a quick look on Beoworld and sadly they don’t have the service manuals for your sets listed (at a glance). Do you/have you found the service manuals? they can be quite useful when it comes to test points, setting voltages and adjusting things.

I wish you well in your quest – restoring CRT TVs is something that interests me greatly and I’d love to see more people taking the time and care to bring them back to their best and enjoying them – I personally have an Avant 32 DVD in the bedroom I watch almost daily and really enjoy.

Take care,