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    Off-topic I know, but re: above: Detail: Done with RFID tags in the sleeves and a reader behind the paneling. Missing Detail: @beojeff, who’s the integrator? Of did you DIY the reader mount too? I said to BeoBoston what would be *truly* magical would be if there were a camera on the opposite wall (it’s pretty tight quarters right there at the entrance) matching the covers with discogs data. Or a shopping cart scanner on the back for UPC codes (you know, for all that modern stuffe). ¡¡¡Dream on!!!

    It’s still not available to the public and is considered an experimental feature of the BLI. I was chosen to beta test. However, the system is actually quite stable and simple as well as very inexpensive for the parts. I used a $10 wooden ipad stand from ikea for my album stand. It just takes a tremendous amount of time for the macro programming, which is actually just quite simple but repetitive. It took me many hours just to update all of the macros from Beosystem 4 to Beosound Theatre.

    There are other experimental features of the BLI that are quite fascinating as well. It will be interesting to see what develops over time.