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    Hello everybody, I ordered BS Theater with a pair of BL28. I will use wired PL and Ethernet to BL28. In which order should I setup my system? BL28 first then BSTH or opposite?

    Good question and it depends on how you use them. I would imagine that the the BL28 and Theatre integrate together anyway for music and video. As Ive mentioned previously with my BL90s (a couple of generations behind the BL28s in terms of integration) is you set your loudspeakers up first as a standalone.

    Once done, set the Theatre up as Centre only, as a Surround system (Theatre/BL28) and as BL28 on its own (within the Theatre system) using the listening positions control and room-sense.

    This way, I guess that if you want to use BL28 on its own with its integrated sound (or injected 3rd party sound) for music, you can do without troubling the Theatre. If your sources come via the Theatre (DNLA/Radio/Video etc..), you can chose the sound playback based on the source. For example:-

    1. If I want to critically listen to music (Qobuz or my ripped library via my Auralic) I start the BL90s directly via Auralic signal trigger.
    2. If I watch Live TV, the source selection, plays Centre only, Custom sound mode
    3. If I listen to ripped music (lower quality) with LG Media player (via the Theatre), triggers BL90 wide mode, music sound mode.
    4. If I watch Kaleidascope video (hi-Res), Bl90/BL3/Theatre triggers in movie mode