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Another thing I cant seem to do is to select wide or narrow mode on beolab 28 via the BR1 Can anyone do this?

what I have done is initially setup 2 listening positions with room sense; 1 with the surrounds + Theatre, 1 with the BL90 only. I then copied the BL90 listening position and in speaker configuration:-

“Video” = BSTH/BL90/BL3 – Preset 0 (auto)

”Narrow” = BL90 – Preset 1 (high latency)

Preset 2 and 3 for “Wide” and “Omni”

Im supposing you can do similar for BL28 but don’t know what the presets used are? (0 to 6).

Then BR1 >> List >> Speaker >> select listening pos.

n.b. I still have to test this but this is what I’ve done!