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Short version = stop the hating on 17s on WiSA.  It is your surroundings not the speaker reception than causes interference.

Long version = I have used WiSA with BL17s for 6 years… on Avant 55 Gen 1, Eclipse 55 Gen 1, Eclipse 55 Gen 2 and now Theatre with G2 65.  The 17s are rock solid in their connection.  I have 3 sets of 17s connected.  My shortest distance to a 17 is 0.6m and my furthest is 6.4m (in another room).  The connection quality is better since my dealer arrange for all to have the latest software update.  It is my BL19 that was problematic on WiSA and had this wired, but in truth I prefer WiSA because always on, rather than me looking each time I change listening position to see if the green light appears.