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I believe I am reading it correctly, that if I want to add two wireless speakers, the only wireless standard supported is WISA, and am I correct that when I look at B&O’s product offering on their website, for a wireless rear surround option, the BeoLab 18’s are the least expensive option at $11k per speaker?  Will any of the Beosound series work via power link in a wired application?

Yes any old Beosound speakers will work with the theatre through powerlink or you add the wireless transmitter (I wouldn’t use wireless unless you REALLY had to).

I wouldn’t go with BL18’s as rears unless you have a ton of cash as it’s overkill for most rooms.   You can get used BL3 or BL4000’s or even a used BL17 for rears and it should work just as well (again depends on how big the room is).

I also moved from an ARC receiver to the Theatre and it’s very seamless to use and switch inputs. It’s all not as daunting as it sounds.