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My question is if it’s worth it as a standalone all in one atmos system. From the reviews the Atmos from the Theatre hasn’t been as impressive as the Sennheiser Ambeo. It sounds like it catters more to people with Beolab speakers.

My soundbar history before the Theatre was the, then top of their range, Sony HT-ST5000. It replaced a cheaper 5.1 surround system that would not work in the new room we were building as the layout does not lend to cables and speakers sat around the seating positions so I went down the soundbar route. The Sony worked well, when it worked, and provided good surround effects in the majority of viewing. Atmos I will cover shortly. But the bar was plagued with software issues from day one (reboots when powered down, an error during atmos soundtracks that made it emit a loud piercing noise that happened at random so Sony couldn’t care much about it).

It is approaching 6 years old and the software issues are becoming more regular so I looked for a new soundbar. The Ambeo was on the list but the reviews were mixed in a few places and viewing it in store I didn’t totally like the looks. The Theatre to me looked and sounded great so that is the road I went down.

I’m using it stand alone at present. It produces a lot “cleaner” sound than the Sony. Voices are much easier to hear in both TV and the limited film clips I have watched since getting it over the weekend. The Sony added lots of bass to everything when I think how the sound of both systems compare (Sony had a wireless sub as part of the setup) for example watching masterchef last night the dialogue sounded a lot less bassy on the Theatre. But the Theatre does have bass, I think it just applies it a lot more correctly rather than with everything if that makes sense?


On the Atmos front. I have been using Soundbar based Atmos for nigh on 6 years. It is VERY dependent on the mix provided. Sky did it well on the live football, it sounded similar to the stadium noise you would hear. Movies really really vary, some do it well but most you are probably only getting something close to a 5.1 listening experience and won’t have a full atmos type effect. But with the “right” atmos sequence the bar does very well and is quite enveloping but you still pick out the smaller sound details (way way above what the Sony it replaced could do).

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