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After yesterday’s Beosound Theatre firmware update, Home Control is now available! Home Control shows up on the Beoremote One LIST and gives us the Home Control screen on the TV. I really didn’t expect B&O to give us that feature. Nice. However, the LIGHT and CONTROL list commands still do not send commands to the BLI.

Yesterday, my dealer confirmed that there is indeed a problem adding WISA (at least via Receiver 1) speakers to the listening positions. He advised that B&O is aware of the issue and should have an update to fix it very soon. Could anyone using wireless speakers describe what happens when you add the speakers? Does the app crash after scanning for wireless speakers? For me, running a scan for wireless speakers crashes the app, but when I restart the app the wireless speakers are shown as added. However, I have no option to tell the Theatre what type of beolabs are connected to the Receiver 1. After running Room Sense, the wireless speakers are greyed out and cannot be added to the speaker group.