Reply To: Are older speakers more pleasant to hear than modern speakers (Beolab)?

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I think it very much depends on the price point and what’s driving the speakers.

For me, and it is subjective as everyone’s different my Beovox M100-2 are the best speakers I’ve owned. I have had BL8000, 6000 and 4000 – none of them sounded as good. In fact the turning point was when I bought some S60’s and they just sounded so good. Penta’s I loved too but I prefer the M100’s as I have a choice of amplifier. I used mine with a KT88 valve amp pushing out 30 Watts – this is more than enough. Driven by solid-state amps, something is missing they sound weaker. I have a Linn LP12 and the pickup (Rega Exact) goes through a valve phono preamp – when compared to my BG4002 and IfI Zen combo the sound again is much fuller and somehow vocals are more realistic, plus the Rega transmits less surface noise than the MMC20EN. I’ve driven them with QUAD 33/303 combo and that was good but not as good as the valve amp. I’ve tried B&O Receivers with them and my favourite was the BM6000 – that sounded and looked great but packed up. For streaming, i use a playmaker which to me sounds much better than anything else I’ve used. I also use Beovox S45-2, P45 (I think) and MCX speakers in other rooms and different setups. I was really disappointed with Beolab 3500 which i did use in my kitchen for a while hooked up to a BS3000 but was replaced with a B&O passive speaker amp and the MCXs.

However, I’m pretty sure that the newer more expensive active B&O speakers will outperform my M100-2s – which is why I haven’t been to listen to them!

So in summary from my own experience, it depends on price point and the quality of the rest of the system.